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Canadian Brass 1996 - 2001


"Kristian Alexandrov is one of the most diverse musicians I have ever worked with. He has exquisite talent, unmatched artistic passion and is a world class live performer."

Decidely Jazz Danceworks


“Kristian’s assets are numerous. I particularly appreciate his versatile adaptability and flexibility. At Decidedly Jazz Danceworks we explore a huge range of jazz styles, and Kristian never ceases to amaze us with his ability to address our rather eclectic (and sometimes terribly challenging) needs and requests with intelligence, integrity and inventiveness."

Edmonton Journal


“Who would have thought a classically trained pianist and percussionist from Bulgaria would wind up in Canada, or that he would make a recording debut with his own strident take on classic fusion and jazz­funk styles?...Tracks like Modus Operandi are typical of the material on Funked Up Jazz, with aggressive, popping electric bass lines, tight, grooving polyrhythms from the drums, and shiny, soaring keyboards. You can hear the influences of Davis and Hancock, but Alexandrov’s keyboard work and original compositions cover a lot of ground, comparing favourably with other artists like Chick Corea and Jan Hammer too.”

Host - Tonic CBC


"Imagine it; you can hear Kristian Alexandrov's unique Bulgarian accent when he speaks AND when he plays piano. It's utterly fascinating. You'd be hard pressed to find a more unique sound in Canadian music anywhere."

Artistic Director - Medicine Hat Jazzfest


“You would be hard pressed to find a musician more in love with life than Kristian Alexandrov, and this genuine and joyful enthusiasm pervades everything he does. No matter the genre, Alexandrov’s keyboard playing grooves, and his commanding technique serves merely as the purveyor for a seemingly endless flow of creative improvisational ideas. True playing from the heart.”

Calgary FFWD


“Whatever it is, it seems to come to the musical whizkid with ease. On his debut solo recording – appropriately titled Funked Up Jazz – Alexandrov shadow boxes with Herbie Hancock, Prince and Miles Davis, making original music that does justice to the whole misunderstood genre of (shh...don’t say it) fusion."

Lethbridge Insider


“The highlight of the Jazzerwocky Festival, and what for me personally was the most amazing live Jazz performance I have ever seen, has to be Kristian Alexandrov and his four piece jazz fusion combo F.U.J.A. Kristian’s music was free and expressive, and obviously the mood spread into the crowd, because cheers and whistles were heard all night.”

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